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Open Shelf Collection

Consists of books from all subject fields and could be borrowed by users within the indicated specified period.

Reference Collection

Consists of reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, biographies, manuals, bibliographies, statistics, indexes, abstracts, almanacs, atlases, yearbooks, etc. This collection can be referred to users only in the library.

Red-Spot Collection

Consists of main sources requested by lecturers and can be borrowed by users, 1 book for 1 day .

Standard Collection

Consists of the Malaysian Standard, British Standard, American National Standard, etc. This collection can be referred by users only in the library

Media Collection

Consists of non-printed and digital materials such as video cassettes, audio cassettes, slides, VCD, CD-ROM, diskettes, etc.

Journal Collection

Consists of the past and current periodical publication materials such as journals, magazines, bulletins.

Examination Paper Collection

Consists of printed and non-printed materials. Printed ones are located at the open shelve and can be referred to only in the library. The non- printed materials can be accessed through the library portal.

Under Graduate Project and Thesis Collection

Consists of under graduate projects and theses which were written by the staff and students of UTeM. The collection is located at the special collection room which can be referred to at the Circulation Counter. Photocopying is not permitted. The abstracts can be accessed through the Repository and WebOPAC.

UTeM Archive Collection

Consists of the works of students, academic and non academic staff, department/faculty members. It also includes the printed and non-printed publication from outside sources.

Light Reading Collection

Consists of materials like general and popular materials in bulletins, flyers, etc which are applicable to all levels of users and can be referred to only in the library.

Fiction Collection

Consists of Malay and English novels which can be borrowed.

Online Databases

Online databases are subscribed to support the development of learning and research. They include:

  • Internal Database
  • External Database

Internal Database

This `in-house’ database is created to provide more information on:

  • Examination papers
  • Newspaper articles
  • Theses
  • Journals
  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

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