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Only individuals registered with the Library may borrow books. Books can be borrowed at the Circulation Counter or Self-check Machine. Borrowers will be given a slip for reference. Borrowers are encouraged to view their borrowing transactions online.The borrowing of all Media Resources like cassette video, cassette audio, slades and digital sources like video CD, CD-ROM, diskette and DVD should be done at the Circulation Counter.

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Loan Eligibility

 User Types

Total Max Loan Eligibility (Item Combination)

Open Collection
(Number of Items)

Journal Collection (Bound Journal) Journal Collection
(Retrospective Issue in Current Year)

 Media Collection

 Red Spot Items

 Reference Collection

Diploma 10 items 10 items/14 days

 1 item/ 7 days

1 item/ 2 days

1 item/ 2 days

 1 item/ 1 day

1 item/ 2 days


 15 items

15 items/14 days " " " " "
Master "

 15 items/30 days

 2 items/ 7 days

 2 items/ 2 days

 2 items/ 2 days


2 items/ 2 days

PHD " " " " " " "
Tutor " " " " " " "
Teaching Engineer " 15 items/60 days " " " " "
Academic Staff 30 items 30 items/90 days " " " " "
Senior Officer 20 items 20 items/60 days " " " " "
Admin Staff 10 items 10 items/14 days

1 item/ 7 days

1 item/ 2 days

1 item/ 2 days


1 item/ 2 days

Research Officer & Assistant 15 items 15 items/14 days " " " " "
Alumni 5 items 5 items/14 days



External Member (Borrowing) 2 items 2 items/14 days



Library materials borrowed must be returned to the Circulation Counter or by book drop which is available 24/7 before the due date. Fines will be imposed for items that are overdue. Students should return all library materials when they withdraw, discontinue, defer or graduate from the university programme.



Reminder/Overdue notice

Reminders will be sent to staff only.

  • Overdue reminder notice will be sent to staff one week before the due date.
  • After one week of the due date, the first reminder notice will be made and 1 week grace period will be given. Fines will not be imposed during this period.
  • The second reminder notice will be issued one week after the first notice, and fines will be imposed.
  • The last reminder notice (third) will be issued two weeks after the second notice, and fines will be calculated accordingly.


Books can be renewed two (2) times only. Renewal can be done at the Circulation Counter or through online and should be done before the due date. Library materials which have been borrowed may be renewed provided that they have not been reserved by another user and have not had any over due date or fines.


Only on loan books may be reserved. Reservations can be made at the Circulation Counter or through online. Reservation notice will be posted on the notice board. Materials reserved will be kept for one week only. The failure to collect will result in the materials being returned to the stacks.

Lost or damaged Items

If a material is lost or damaged, an immediate report should be made to the Circulation Counter to enable appropriate action. A grace period of two weeks will be given to borrowers to search/replace the materials. If the items are still missing, the borrower should replace the items in one of the following three (3) ways including overdue fines (if imposed).

  • Replace the book: the latest edition; Or
  • Pay the current cost together with RM25 service cost; Or
  • If the cost of the old item could not be deternined, locally published materials will be charged RM40 and imported materials RM150 in addition to the service cost of RM25.



User Education Program (PPP)

The objective of this program is to teach the library skills to users, and how to use the services provided by this library. This program is highly recommended for new and final year students. The class will be conducted by librarians following a fixed schedule or upon request.

Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL Service)

Its implementation is to serve new reference materials in that particular IPTA/IPTS. In order to process the applications, users are required to fill in the forms of the inter-library loan which can be obtained from the reader advisory desk or circulation counter. The status of the applications will be notified through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone.

Computer for Internet and work-related purposes

Library also provide computer for user who want to surf the internet or doing their assignments provided in media area.

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Online Databases Service 

Various databases either local or international can be accessed via:

I. Online Databases

  • Local
  • Oversea

II. Internal Resources

  • Past Examination Papers
  • Newspaper Cuttings
  • Seminar Papers

All the above databases can be accessed by library users through the library website.

Exhibition on current information

The exhibits aim to provide knowledge and awareness on the recent and updated information from time to time.

New Material Corner

New materials will be exhibited on a continuous basis and the materials can be borrowed through the standard practice of a borrowing process. A synopsis of each new material is to be exhibited on the library notice board.

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Viewing Activities

Only academic, documentary programmes and news are allowed. This activity includes selected television programmes, Astro and multimedia materials available in the Library collection. Selected videos viewing programmes are scheduled monthly at the library. Lectures or student can request to view the programming schedule.