Symbol refers to the Alphabetical Information that represents each item in the library collection. This symbol appears on the call number which is labeled on the library materials.

A Archives
AF Archives Folio
BJ Bound Journal
JA Journal Archives
MA Magazines Archives
MAO Media Archives Original
MEA Media Archives
MED Media Collection
MEO Media Collection Original
N Novel
OAF Open Shelf Archives Folio
OS Open Shelf
OSA Open Shelf Archive
OSF Open Shelf Folio
OSS Open Shelf Small
R Reference
RA Reference Archives
RAF Reference Archives Folio
RAP Reference Archives Prospectus
RAQ Reference Archives Examination Papers
RD Reference Dictionary
RE Reference Encyclopedia
RF Reference Folio
RGP Reference Government Publication
RM Reference Map
RP Reference Prospectus
RS Red Spot
RSM Reference Small
RX Reference Index/Abstract
STD Standards


Call Number

Each material in the library has a call number. Call number is like an address which inform a user the location of the material in the library.








TK = Subject Headings Classifications

454 = Classification Number

.R62 = Responsibility Number

2004 = Year of Publication

osf = Materials Collection

n2 = Second Copy


Location Codes

KI = Main Campus

KIND = Technology Campus

KB = City Campus

MEDI = Media Library

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