1. Borrowing

  • Borrowing can be made at the One Stop Centre Counter or through Self Check Machines.
  • Borrowers may view their transactions history and perform online renewal through User Accounts (portal).

2. Returning

  • Library items are to be returned at the One Stop Centre Counter or Book Drop Machine on or before the due date. Fines will be imposed for overdue items.
  • Receipts should be kept as proof that checked out items have been returned.
  • Students must return all library materials borrowed when they withdraw, discontinue, defer or graduate from the university.

3. Reservation

  • Only books with ‘Circulated’ status can be reserved. Reservations can be made through User Account only.
  • Reserved item(s) will only be kept for seven (7) days.
  • Books can be renewed two (2) times. Renewals can be done before or on the due date at:
    • Circulation Counter
    • Library portal via User Account

4. Renewal

  • Renewals will not be accepted if:
    • Item has been reserved by another user
    • Item is overdue

5. Lost or Damaged Items

  • Immediate report should be made to staff at the One Stop Center Counter.
  • Borrowers will be given two (2) weeks to search for the items. If the items are still missing, the borrowers have three (3) options as follows:
    • Replace with the latest edition of the book (consult the Librarian) and the RM25.00 processing fee will be exempted; or
    • Pay the price of the latest edition of the book, RM25.00 processing fee and fine (if any) or
    • If the price of an old library collection material is unavailable, locally published materials will be charged RM40.00 while internationally published materials will be charged RM150.00 and the processing fee.

6. Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL Service)

  • This refers to application for reference material that is not available at Laman Hikmah Library collection:
    • From UA/IPTS and other registered libraries (Free of charge).
    • This service also provides ILL that requires payment process which involves oversea sources. Payment should be made by the requestor.
    • Request can be made by filling out Online Application System (e-form) of Inter library Loan (ILL) Services for Books and Articles Application via http://bit.ly/2rjanBB

7. Ask A Librarian

  • Ask a Librarian is a live chat reference service which allows users to ask questions in real time. This service is available within working hours.

8. Information Literacy Programme (ILP)

  • Open to all users. Consists of 7 modules:
    • Introduction to Library
    • Information Searching Skills
    • Turnitin (Plagiarism Software)
    • Research Support for GRA/RA/SRA (Compulsory for all new registered Graduate Research Assistant/ Student Research Assistant/ Research Assistant).
    • Literature Search
    • Mendeley
    • Open Access
  • Request for ILP can be made through Online Application System (e-form) of Information Literacy Programme via https://bit.ly/2M2cPf7

9. Information Package

  • Information Package is a service provided by Research Support Unit. The librarian will perform literature search for your research topic at the relevant databases and will provide list of references.
  • Request can be made via e-form : https://bit.ly/2U9hahQ

10. Research Consultation

  • Research Consultation is a service provided by Research Support Unit. This service is an extended opportunity to have specific research queries answered. Schedule an appointment should be made earlier with the librarian for a research consultation
  • Request can be made via e-form : https://bit.ly/2LPdnjX

11. Room/Space Rental Service

  • Laman Hikmah Library also provides room/space rental service to outsiders who are interested in conducting an event such as course, class, meeting, training and etc.

12. One Stop Centre

  • One Stop Centre previously known as Circulation Counter which expands the function of the counter. Instead of handling library transactions, One Stop Centre also offers a few services from other departments such as matric card tagging, student confirmation letter, payment of hostel registration/fine payment and etc.

13. Online Database Service

  • Online databases are subscribed to support the development of learning and research. Library has subscribed several databases both local and international.
  • List of databases : click

14. External Membership

  • A service that allows individuals or institutions to become PLH library members for referring and borrowing printed materials.
  • For more information : brochure

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