Our library uses the Library of Congress classification system. The classification is listed below: 

 A  General Work
 B  Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
 BP  Islam
 C,D,E,F  History
 G  Geography, Map, Anthropology, Recreation
 H  Social Sciences
 HA  Statistics
 HB-HC  Economic Theory and Demography
 HD  Economic History and Conditions
 HE  Transportation and Communication
 HF  Commerce
 HG  Finance
 HM-HX  Sociology
 HQ  Family, Marriage, Women
 HT  Communities, Classes, Races
 J  Political Science
 K  Law
 L  Education
 LA  History of Education
 LB  Theory and Practice of Education
 LC  Special Aspects of Education
 LF  Individual Institutions - Europe
 LG  Individual Institutions - Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
 M  Music
 N  Fine Arts
 NA  Architecture
 NC  Drawing Design Illustration
 NK  Decorative Arts
 P-PZ  Languages and Literature
 PE  English
 PL  Languages & Literature of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
 PR  English Literature
 PS  American Literature
 Q  Science
 QA  Mathematics
 QB  Astronomy
 QD  Chemistry
 QE  Geology
 QH  Natural History, Biology
 QK  Botany
 QL  Zoology
 QM  Human Anatomy
 QP  Physiology
 R  Medicine
 S  Agriculture
 T  Technology
 TA  Engineering General - Civil Engineering
 TC  Hydraulic Engineering - Ocean Engineering
 TD  Environmental Technology - Sanitary Engineering
 TE  Highway Engineering - Roads and Pavements
 TF  Railroad Engineering and Operation
 TG  Bridge Engineering
 TH  Building Construction
 TK  Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Nuclear Engineering
 TL  Motor Vehicle. Aeronautics. Astronautics
 TN  Mining Engineering. Metallurgy
 TP  Chemical Technology
 TR  Photography
 TS  Manufactures
 TT  Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts
 TX  Home Economics
 U  Military Science
 V  Naval Science
 Z  Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)
 ZA  Information Resources

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